Our services include investment sourcing (usually “off-market” – utilising our extensive industry personal contacts), acquisition negotiation, commercial due diligence advice and organising and managing additional due diligence consultants such as building and services consultants, valuers, town planners and solicitors.

We can assist our clients and investors in helping them to meet their long and short term investment goals and property portfolio needs. We can help from the start to the end of the whole process.

This includes canvassing new property opportunities, understanding the market conditions and how this could add value to our client’s portfolio, preparing the sales submission forms, reviewing documentation and legal contracts with our partners and leading the negotiation until the property has been secured with the right terms and at a price that meets our client’s expectations.

With a dedicated team with a combined experience of over 50 years, we’re driven to deliver in all aspects of the acquisition & consultancy process. We invite you to leverage of our comprehensive insights, knowledge and support before you make your next property acquisition. If you are thinking of expanding your portfolio, evaluating your investment strategy, or simply looking for the right-fit property advice, please contact the ICR team.  

Our acquisitions and consultancy team will work with you to understand and achieve your property objectives. Our expert team can assist you with the following:

  • Sourcing and acquiring a site based on your individual business requirements and/or investment strategy objectives.
  • Tactically driving and providing advice from town planners and architects based on research, experience and expertise.
  • Assisting in the permit process – for example to progress with business parks.
  • Selling the end-product for the developer.

Although we understand that no two investment strategies or objectives are the same, we apply our proven methodology to ensure we deliver consistent and qualified advice across the band-width of our business.  

Our proven methodology is as follows;


1. Initial search assessment

The ICR expert acquisitions team will take the time to investigate and understand your specific property needs ‘or’ investment strategy - based on these insights the ICR team will research geographic locations and specific sites to meet your exact requirements.

The findings in terms of the potential growth zones, prospective changes in zoning, and other key factors that will influence the decision to move onto the next step in the process and all identified opportunities will be presented to you with the supporting rationale for each site/geographic recommendation.


2. Property identification

Post discussion and endorsement of the formulated investment strategy, your ICR team will proceed to canvass through their networks, agency contacts and more broadly the ICR database to identify opportunities, including those that are off-market, to meet your investment criteria and deliver value to your property portfolio.


3. Negotiation

The next critical step in the process is for ICR to activate the sales approach and negotiate the best possible price for the asset that meets your financial goals in order to secure the asset.


4. Comprehensive due diligence

With your interest in mind and in tandem with our partners, we’ll progress to perform comprehensive due diligence checks. Our high standard for comprehensive due diligence reviews and reporting covers the following:

  • Tenancy schedule review
  • All current leases and disclosures
  • Promotions
  • Current financial report for 12 months of income and expenditure
  • Maintenance contract(s)
  • The arrears schedule
  • Building plans (if any)
  • Outgoings Schedule and any audits
  • Copy of Planning Permits
  • Clean set of plans
  • Environmental Reports
  • Asbestos Reports (if any)
  • All equipment audit and maintenance agreements
  • All consultant reports that were commissioned for the Planning Permits
  • Land Survey


5. Finalising the purchase process

Our best practice approach doesn’t end here, we encourage a continued partnership with our clients to provide on-going support and advice once the property acquisition has been formalised. This enables us to ensure we are with you throughout the life of your investment and business plans and growth.


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