Sold: Pitruzzello Olive Grove & Vineyard Estate, 45 Mundy Road, Sunbury

Wednesday 16 October 2019

SOLD: Award Winning Pitruzzello Olive Grove & Vineyard - 45 Mundy Road, Sunbury


The late Sebastiano Pitruzzello's Pitruzzello Estate olive grove and vineyard has sold to a Malaysian group at an undisclosed price. The property at 45 Mundy Road sold in an EOI campaign managed by ICR Property Group's Raff De Luise and Julian Materia.

Mr Pitruzzello ran the Pantalica Cheese Company and set up the olive grove to complement the cheese business. The property is in a green wedge zone.

THE AGE MARKET WRAP – 16th October 2019 – Business Commercial Real Estate Section – Simon Johanson


The key asset and investment highlights are summarized in this video:




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